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Defender Dash Centre Console WITHOUT SWITCHES BLACK CC-90/110 W/O BLACK
Complete Defender Dash Kit.
Complete Defender Dash Kit.

The Defender Dash Centre Console is the latest innovation from Iron Goat in restoring and upgrading your Land Rover.

Imagine the convenience of a six-switch control panel, stereo and gauges at your finger tips. The Defender Dash brings various functions of your choosing to one location. Customize your Defender Dash with controls for heated seats, heated windscreen, additional lights, etc...

For off-roading or urban use, your driving experience will be transformed by a Defender Dash.

Kit includes:
  • - Cosmetic plastic cover plate.
  • - 1.5mm Aluminum housing/substructure.
  • - Six-switch bank with blanking plates (NO SWITCHES).
  • - Simple instructions for installation, connections and wiring.
  • - All screws required for fastening.
Installed Defender Dash.
Installed Defender Dash.
  • Appears like a Land Rover component so only you and Land Rover will know it did'nt come with your Defender.
  • Built to OEM standards .
  • Fits TIGHTLY to the upper dash .
  • Defender Dash is NOT all plastic .
  • 1.5mm Aluminium housing / substructure with cosmetic plastic face plate .
  • Pre-cut for installing stereo , gauges and switches.
  • Stereo supported FRONT and BACK by aluminum arms .
  • Easy to install.
  • Will insert into any standard pre 2002 90/110 dash .
  • Stereo and gauges not included .
  • Without switches.
  • Not Recommended for use with a centre seat

Reference:CC-90/110 W/O

Size, Capacity:13.5x8x10in


Manufactured by:Iron Goat Four Wheel Drive


Additional Information:Black

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Made in Canada

Click Here for Dash Install Manual .

RefCC-90/110 W/O
Description Defender Dash Centre Console WITHOUT SWITCHES BLACK CC-90/110 W/O BLACK

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